Kuch Tep Machha END 48

Kuch Tep Machha

A Naga mermaid’s tears can be transformed into priceless, dazzling pearls if they can be made to cry. Hai Shi is a little toddler who lives in a coastal town where residents conjure up the idea that their dead children are still alive in order to make mermaids weep and harvest pearls for tax purposes. Hai Shi’s father was killed while going fishing. After soldiers pillaged Hai Shi’s town, she became resentful of the emperor, whom she believes was to blame for the unfortunate circumstances, and vowed to exact retribution.
The emperor’s closest confidant and an official of the imperial court, Fang Zhu, is the next person she encounters. Hai Shi can become a pupil of Fang Zhu only if she pretends to be a guy and conceals her true identity. She agrees to the conditions.

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