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Sokreas Sne
Eclipse Of The Heart is an imperfect but noteworthy project—one of the freshly-minted newer lakorns with clearly expanding production value. They spent tons of cash on this project, and you can tell. It’s exciting to see Thai dramas start to embrace the power of good lighting, picturesque on-site filming locations, and decent cinematography. Compared to others in the revenge/romance genre, this is an impressive entry going by visual aesthetics alone.

The chemistry between our leads Mark and Bow was a little inconsistent, but in its best moments was outstanding. If you’re watching for romance and are familiar with lakorn plot formulas, feel free to skip around to your heart’s content. There is not a lot that’s new here plot-wise, and you’ll probably be able to put the pieces together without all of the extensive context. I wasn’t feeling that spark between the leads at first, but once it got going—slowly, and then all at once—I was actually amazed at the very poignant, and sometimes rather moving (!!!) bond and relationship that was built up between Korn and Rina. I squealed and replayed several clips during their ‘travels’ and you probably will too.

Performance-wise, Bow felt a little stiff at times, especially earlier on during her crying scenes (of which there are many) but she eventually found her groove. Opposite her costar, when she got comfortable, she genuinely shined. Mark however was phenomenal here. He’s noticeably improving his craft with every project, it seems. There were times when Korn displayed moments of quiet, resigned despair which truly made my heart ache with grief. Very, very good work by Mark Prin.

The core issue with EOTH is how forgettable most of it is. It suffers from the classic lakorn malignancy wherein the pilot drops you into a world without providing enough narrative context, making you wonder for a moment if you missed an episode. All of this stuff started happening and I found I…just didn’t really care? At all? And indifference is a stage IV drama-killer. Perhaps I’m just sensitive to this phenomenon, but I never really recovered from the jarring introduction. I continued to be frequently unengaged. I only just finished watching the finale and I barely remember anything that happened. The irritating side characters didn’t help, often feeling like caricatures or glorified extras with no real purpose but to provide outer conflict. The creeper cheating husband, for example, and his insulated family drama, was so bizarre and ick-inducing.

The show felt too long and too short at the same time, impossibly—the result of poor pacing and a draggy final arc, by which time a lot of the momentum and mystery had been lost and I simply just wanted it to be over. Lakorns too often present contrived dramatic tension in the last few episodes, undoing hard-earned character development faster than warp-speed so we’re infuriated enough to keep watching out of spite. Rarely does it make the ending feel earned; usually it just makes us feel exhausted. EOTH is no exception. The ending did not feel satisfying because the journey had shaky foundations. Beware!

All this aside, there were some scenes between the main couple that felt so intimate, heartfelt and genuine that they induced chills. For me, a romance addict, that’s worth it. If romance is not your speed, you may be better off skipping this one. The romance for the most part is not formulaic; however, the rest of the lakorn undoubtedly is. EOTH is a missed opportunity. Given the right background setup, and more careful pacing, this love story could have been epic compared to its similar predecessors.

Unfortunately, the manufactured bloat of the rest of the drama really hurt its potential. But the potential was there, I promise! You will not be able to deny how vastly more refined this show is compared to others like it, even ones as recent as 1-2 years ago. There is hope! The future of lakorns is getting brighter, slowly but surely.

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