Sra Leanh Oun Dol Than Preah Chan EP15

The review might be biased from my side personally,
Since this drama is all about positivity , you’ll be reading this without any negativity.

Sra Leanh Oun Dol Than Preah Chan

If you’re someone who’s looking for a family drama/lakorn that is not too intense but its everything inside like humor, laughter, tears. fun, romance and friendship, then this one is the best yet you could ever watch in your life.

I started watching this lakorn since 2 months ago. Never missed any episode. Every episode was worth the wait. Binging all the way through and so much emotions going through within this two months because of this show itself. I laughed, I cried, I cringed, and mostly I smiled all the way.

Now lets talk about the actors & the characters
Toey – Watched Toey’s performance in Timeline before (the same co-star with James Ji). Was deeply touched. Completely a different developed character with what she’s playing as Mata. I did read lot of news and reviews for the main character that Matalada only and can just be played by Toey. That she is Mata and Mata is her. I can see why.

James Ji – One word, natural. Quite natural as Penneung/Purim, The way I see it, he’s just playing himself in the lakorn as himself cause sometimes I forgot, he is James Ji and Penneung is his character.

The chemistry for both of them is undeniable. I’ve been following up the news, events and project about them since Timeline which is in 2014. I could say, they’re just passed as lovers in real life. But it takes two to tango as what they said. Anyway, just happy and glad that they’re very close in real life too. That what makes Mata and Penneung is perfect for each other.

I’ll summed up the others characters as short as I can. Tri-Pang-Riri, just happy and satisfied that they can be friends. Not picking any side for the pair really either Tri-Pang or Tri-Riri, cause I love their characters very much. They had their own wounds and reasons.
Father Grace, speechless for this character. He is the main one and the reason why Mata was born as one of the most loveliest person in the planet. Same goes to Aunt Vee.
The Cage – Type of gang that I think everyone should have or meet at least one time in their life. So much fun
The doctors – Type of gang or family that everyone needs, supportive.

Love, love and just love. Just wish they have a full soundtrack list and score. Would love to add in my spotify list.

8/10. Pretty sure will watch it over and over again after this cause I’ll miss them.

Possible sequel – positive to say, its possible. For Pang-Tri-Riri perhaps. Maybe Mata & Penneung with Tee Ruk (their baby) too

Now, to those who is missing Matalada. I strongly recommend for you guys to watch Timeline. Also, prepare tissue ?

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